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Knowledge Management for Legal Professionals

Knowledge management (KM) has become increasingly important for legal professionals because of the increasing complexity of legal cases, rapidly expanding laws, rising competition, and increasing demands from clients. Knowledge management (KM) facilitates reuse of existing information and discovery of new information. As legal professional develop new documents every day, many of which can be reused by the entire corporation after they are classified, indexed and properly protected. Reusable documents in a legal firm include briefs, motions, lead cases, clauses and agreements. They may also be supporting information such as best-practices, forums, research tools, opinions, writing and discussion, and news and press releases.

Taxonomy in Knowledge Management and Search

Taxonomy represents explicit knowledge such as management structure, products, services and tasks within the enterprise. By gathering and connecting all important business concepts, taxonomy serves as a global knowledge map upon which business concepts can be defined, described, visualized, shared and communicated consistently. Taxonomy provides a unified framework for guiding the transformation of implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge. Taxonomy is a valuable corporate asset, whether it is used alone (as a knowledge organization or browsing tool) or embedded in other applications (e.g., KM search engine).

Suntek 商業智能解決方案 (繁體)

Suntek 商業智能解決方案 (business intelligence, BI, solution) 是一套完整的情報收集,整理和分析技術,協助企業做出更好的業務決策。

Suntek 商业智能解决方案 (簡体)

Suntek 商业智能解决方案 (business intelligence, BI, solution) 是一套完整的情报收集,整理和分析技术,协助企业做出更好的业务决策。

Suntek's Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

Do you want to have a special edition of Financial Times or Wall Street Journal with contents personalized for your unique investment needs? Or you want to have a team of specialists briefing you on every new product, technology, event, action, and more, in your industry every morning before you start your business? If these sound too good to be true, welcome to the era of Business Intelligence.

Customer Relationship and Business Intelligence via CMS and Search Engine

"The cost to gain new customers is 7-10 times greater than the cost of retaining existing customers. You need to leverage your existing customers to gain new customers!"

Integrating a Search Engine into Your Web Site

Suntek supports all of the features mentioned in The Fundamentals of Quality Search, which contains excellent tips on search interface design.

The 20-Point Checklist for Search Engines

There are many search engines available on the market. Although most people understand what a search engine does and have experience in using search engines, there is a big difference between using a search engine and selecting and running your own search engine for your business.


You can use the HTML tag to include metadata such as authors, keywords, descriptions, etc., in a web page. Suntek's search engine can index an arbitrary number of metatags and allow you to search them individually.

From Keyword Search to Conceptual Search

No matter how celebrated search engines such as Google and Yahoo are, and how indispensable they appear to be, search technologies are very limited when it comes to searching vague, but not necessarily complex, concepts. Today's search engines work fine if the concept you want to find can be represented or described by unique keywords.

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