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     From Search Engine to Knowledge Management

Suntek is a technology and solution provider for search engine, content management and knowledge management solutions. It develops the core technologies for knowledge architecture, consisting of the following components:

Content management system (CMS) can be customized to manage specialized data objects.

User model derives user interests via query mining for fine-tuning a web site and assessing performance.

Taxonomy organizes corporate knowledge into a multi-faceted taxonomy, which can be managed through the CMS and integrated into Knowledge Management (KM) search engine.

Multiple data sources from Lotus Notes, to Oracle databases, to web servers, and to file systems can be integrated and searched via the KM Search Engine.

Suntek delivers turn-key solutions for large-scale, critical business applications, including but not limited to:

  • Newspapers and news websites
  • Product catalogs
  • Internet marketing via target ads
  • Document and knowledge management
  • E-shopping and e-commerce websites
  • Data mining and business intelligence
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