Suntek Computer Systems

From Search Engine to Knowledge Management

Our Strengths

Suntek is a technology and solution provider for search engine, content management and knowledge management solutions. Based in Hong Kong, Suntek was founded in 1996. With over 20 years of experience in engine development and deployment, Suntek has helped clients to overcome the most difficult search problems, from data crawling to ranking quality to security search. Suntek’s search technology was developed entirely inhouse and therefore can provide fast and effective customization and technical support to client. Unlike vendors who source search products from third party and can only provide customized solution outside the search engine, Suntek can go inside the source code and put in customized functions where they should belong.

From Keyword to Knowledge Search

Suntek’s search engine supports a wide range of features to meet the needs of today’s knowledge-intensive companies: taxonomy guided search, metatag search, synonym search, entity extraction, user profiling, and personalized search. We understand that each knowledge-based company has unique business requirements, our experts will speak your language, understand your need and deliver the right solution to you.

GSA Replacement

Google is phasing out its GSA (Google Search Appliance), and your GSA will stop working soon. To find a GSA replacement, you need a search engine that supports all of your search functions with better speed, higher search quality, and better administration control and technical support. If you are a GSA administrator, you understand what we mean here.

Suntek can help you with a smooth and painless transition. We will identify your data sources, search functions you need, and search interfaces you are providing to users and other business applications. We will set up our search engine, index all of your data sources, fine-tune the index time and ranking rules, integration the search with your existing search and application interfaces. Finally, we can integrate it into your environment including single-sign on, user activity logging and performance reports. Your end users will not notice any down time or any change, but only more controllable indexing, better search speed and quality. We can set up a demo for your website any time.

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