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WebSearch is a bilingual full-text search engine for your web site. Whether you host your web site on your company network or use a Web hosting service, WebSearch allows your customers to directly access the information they need with the convenience of keywords instead of following layers of links. You can use WebSearch to index web pages on Internet to create resource databases that are critical to your business, or use it as a tool to manage your corporate information within your intranet and to disseminate information both inside and outside your company.

The search engine is highly optimized to search gigabytes of data in seconds. We can customize WebSearch to cater for your specific business needs.

The spider administrator is a unique, indispensable component of WebSearch. It allows you to:

Both Chinese and English keywords can be specified in the same query connected by Boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT. Retrieved documents are displayed in sorted order of relevancy to the query. The interface can be designed to integrate into your application seamlessly.

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See Websearch in Action

Search govHK searches millions of pages across hundreds of websites in the Government. Or use the search on a department homepage to search that department. Both global and department searches are served by the same search complex.

Light-weight Websearch on CD: See it in action on the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Glossary CD. Press release.

Take Advantage of our Special Offer

We offer to index your web site and run the search engine at no cost to you for 30 days. You can evaluate how WebSearch can help you find information efficiently and effectively. At the end of the evaluation, you may decide to continue the service or let us migrate WebSearch into your web site.

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