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Want to distribute web content on CD? - Make it searchable with Suntek Chinese Search Engine

The Securities and Futures Commission (證監會) of Hong Kong said ‘yes’ and chose Suntek to supply the search engine for the “An English-Chinese Glossary of Securities, Futures and Financial Terms 《英漢證券期貨及財務用語匯編》” CD-ROM.

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of Suntek in understanding our needs and helping us integrate the search engine with the overall design of the CD within a tight production timeframe. − Chan Chi-keung, Head, Corporate Communications, Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong

The CD contains more than 14,000 financial terms, each expressed in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Suntek’s search engine allows headword search as well as free-text search in any of the three languages.

More about Suntek Search Engine on the HKSFC Glossary CD

Access HKSFC’s Glossary of Securities, Futures and Financial Terms

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