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mediaSearch - search engine for CD-ROMs


MediaSearch is a bilingual full-text search engine for data stored on CDs or hard disks. Its pre-built index supports fast and accurate retrieval on data spanned across multiple disk volumes. You have taken the time to put your data in electronic form, now let MediaSearch add value to your data by allowing your customers to obtain the precious information they need. To cater for your specific business needs, we can customize MediaSearch to work best on your document set.

Main Features

Query Functions



Direct Integration with Macromedia Director

Macromedia is the industry's most popular platform for developing multimedia systems. MediaSearch can be packaged as an Xtra to integrate directly into your Macromedia applications to provide bilingual search on your multimedia titles.

See the Demo for Yourself

Upon your request, we will send you a demo on floppy disks or allow you to download it from our web site. You will see a display like the one on the left. The top half of the screen is the query input area. You can type in the keywords you want to search for and whether or not you want to find all of them (AND), either one of them (OR), or none of them (NOT CONTAIN) in the documents. The lower left box lists the documents matching your query; clicking the document name will pop up the document in the lower right box. Matched keywords are highlight for your convenient perusal. The interface can be designed to integrate into your application seamlessly.


mediaSearch - search engine for CD-ROMs